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 forums access please

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PostSubject: forums access please   Mon May 18, 2009 4:04 pm

Character info: Da Big Blue Orc/Evil Humie Fixa
Name: Mogogga/Mogogge
Class: Black Orc/Zealot
Realm: Destruction

Previous guilds with this character: can't remember but two on Makaisson, then Darksouls on Burlok

Rank and Renown Rank: 40/38 and 40/36

Mastery: Hybrid (Da Toughest/Da Boss)/ Hybrid (Alchemy/Witchcraft) (highest mastery first)

Why did you choose this particular build? I love the Black Orc. Also lots of testing also patches nerfed various things. The Zealot came along when the call went out for more healers.

Expectations: Not many, light roleplay, watch the game grow up together

What do you expect from joining Firstborn? Mature Roleplay, events

What will you be able to offer Firstborn in return? 2 rank 40's (Black Orc has 3/5 lesser wards, Zealot has full lesser wards), crafting at 200/200 in every skill (across alts). An "alt" guild for increased banner access, specced into increased exp/renown to assist levelling.

Why do you want to join Firstborn? Mature roleplay, contribution to the Burlok community

Why did you decide to leave your old guild/server to join Firstborn? old guilds died on both Makaisson & Burlok. I keep Darksouls alive for the guild vault/banner for crafting alts (all rank 20+ some in 30's)

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forums access please
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