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 [RP/PQ/RvR] Khaine's Rampage!

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PostSubject: [RP/PQ/RvR] Khaine's Rampage!   Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:33 pm

Hail Malekith!

House Sathar sends its greetings, warriors of the Raven. You are cordially invited to attend a blood-soaked celebration of the Lord of Murder to be held this week's end, to finalise the Night of Murder festivities with a rampaging slaughter across the lands of Ulthuan.


Right, I don't know about you lot but the only quests I have remaining for the Live Event (Night of Murder) are:

Complete the 'Marked for Death' quest 10 times

Kill 10 Keep Lords

Kill 20 Marked Monsters

Which ain't too shabby, considering I'd devised an entire RP/RvR event involving House Sathar's nemesis, The Silver Dawn, because I honestly thought I'd never kill a Guild Leader.

Anyway, here's the plan, which I'd like to enact tonight (Friday 13/02/09 app. 20:00 CET) but am happy to leave until Saturday or Sunday if needed.. It's nice and simple, so even the greenskins should be able to follow. ;D

Step 1: Mob up at the start of Elven T2 (Shadowlands - Dark Elf Chapter 5 - Ruins of Anlec) under the pretense of throwing one final, wild celebration for the Lord of Murder.

Step 2: Proceed to rampage through all the PQs in the Tier, progressing on to T3 if necessary!

Step 3: Congratulate each other on how awesome we are, before proceeding in to the nearest Warcamp, snagging the Marked for Death quest from a nearby witch elf and marching into an RvR zone appropriate to our level (I think it would be advisable for everyone to log in a T2 character here so that the new fish don't get left behind) and stomping Keep Lords!

There you go, nice and simple!

As for afterwards, I imagine it'll devolve into scattered bouts of RP and scenario-hopping (which is fine by me! =D), but suggestions are more than welcome, as always.

Do me a favour and let me know if you can make it by /signing in this here thread, or if you're registered on House Sathar's forum, on the corresponding thread there.

See you on the battlefield!


"Vengeance for Malekith!"
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[RP/PQ/RvR] Khaine's Rampage!
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