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 Da great Tier 1 scrap!

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PostSubject: Da great Tier 1 scrap!   Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:08 pm

A'right Youz Tier 1 gits! *peers at the Chaos worshippers, Greenskins and Dark Elves, seemingly displeased* I mean.. I mean uhm... gah!
Lets try again!
A'right you Tier 1 gits (rank 1-11) this is dem Warbringa Shazbad speakin'! We lowa less proven Firzbornz iz gonna show dem Ordergits, dem fancy pointy-ears, 'umies an' Stunties, that we iz da boss! We iz gonna show da Praetorians Daemonprinceledah, an uvva higha rank mates we'z strong!
If youz an aspirin' Chaos cultist, a sinista longear, Orc bully or sneaky Gobbo, then listen up! We'z goin' for a big Scrap wif dem Ordergits, tah prove ouwaselvez worthy in dem eyes of dem Raven God, Khaine and dem Gork an' Mork at Friday 20:00 (11/7/08) We'z gonna stomp da Tier 1 RVR battlefields flat all ova da map, loot every single kill, take xp tah grow stronga an' score renown tah show we iz da best, like noweone else 'az evva done before!
If youz tough, if youz worthy, if youz a true strong chosen git then youz up fo' da task!
Join up fo' da great event of da lowa ones if you can! We'll start in dem Kron Komar Gap back at Ekrund!

- lets hope the greenskin way of talking-typing was a bit clear :p
- if there aren't enough players able to show up, np rly then it will be postponed
- if there are enough players but you specifically can't join up then hopefully I'll see you soon in the next Tier (tier 2 ) Smile
- if there are questions you want to ask me about this event send a letter to Shazbad in the game
- roleplaying might make the event more interesting (if you don't know how to roleplay np there are enough roleplayers in the guild (incl. me) to help you out Very Happy
- Alts of the higher ranks are more than welcome!
- this event might be a good chance to get to know the other Firstborn players.
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Da great Tier 1 scrap!
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